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President's Message - November 2016

posted Nov 6, 2016, 7:18 PM by SD Council PTA
Election day is coming up rapidly and I want to encourage all of those eligible to vote to go out and vote!  I will be working on Election Day as a
Touchscreen Inspector and have been doing this service for the past several years.  This is one the greatest opportunities for your voice to be heard so I can only hope many of you will take the opportunity to go out and vote.  As a reminder, PTA cannot endorse a particular candidate but can endorse propositions.  California State PTA has endorsed the following state-wide propositions and you can visit their website to find out more.
Proposition 51 - School Bond for K-12 Schools and Community College
Proposition 55 - Tax Extension for fund Education and Healthcare
Proposition 56 - Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute
Proposition 58 - SB 1174 (Chapter 753, Statutes of 2014), Lara. The California Education for a Global Economy Initiative (California EdGE).
Proposition 63 - Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Initiative Statute

The San Diego Unified Council of PTAs is endorsing the following local proposition:
Proposition I - Charter Amendment for Balboa Park and San Diego High School

And speaking of having your voice heard, the SDUCPTA Leadership Team is seeking feedback to help plan for the next training and only a handful of people has given their response.  Please help us help you by letting us know when and what you would be interested in for the next training to be held in January 2017.  Local PTA Leaders are being asked to fill out a quick eight-question survey!  Help us out and take a couple minutes to fill out this online survey.   Our mission at SDUCPTA is to provide leadership training and support to our local PTA leaders.  Your input matters so don't let just a few people decide for all local PTA leaders. Copy and paste the link below to compete this quick survey!

Another special thing that is happening on election day is the San Diego Board of Education will be voting on a resolution to recognize November 17, 2016 as National Parent/Family Involvement Day.  I am hoping that many schools are already planning to do something and the goal here is to take the time to recognize the parents/family and community members that help make a difference whether it's a little or a lot.  If you need ideas or have questions, feel free to contact us at (619) 297-7821 or email

Here are a few quick reminders about what is due or is coming up to keep your PTA in good standing:
  • Tax filings (199N, 990N, and RRF-1) are due for PTA Units with a fiscal year ending June 30, a copy of filings must be sent to Council electronically (email to or by mail to our office (see Contact Us for address).   For more information, you can visit our website
  • All PTAs must remit memberships of a minimum of 15 members, insurance ($221), and Council Assessment Fee ($50).  Please send the Unit Remittance Form with payment.
  • Workers Composition Annual Payroll Report is due with payment of insurance
Lastly, I would also like remind you that the next General Meeting where all PTA Unit Presidents within SDUCPTA are being called is on November 28, 2016 starting at 6:30 pm.  In addition to the normal business that we need to conduct, we'll have a special presentation on the issue around Child Trafficking.  Babysitting is available onsite and we will also have Spanish translation.

Thank you for all that you do!


Celeste L. Bobryk-Ozaki
San Diego Unified Council of PTAs