Executive Board

Our Mission is to advocate for all the children and youth of San Diego Unified School District. San Diego Unified Council of PTAs will provide service, support, training, leadership, and guidance to each of our 80+ PTA units. We will assist units through communication, training, unit visits, projects, and providing PTA resources. We will serve our community through education, collaboration and resource services.

Elected Officers

President Derick Boerner  president@sdcouncilpta.org
Executive Vice President Mahogany Taylor     legislation@sdcouncilpta.org
1st Vice President, Leadership Barbara Flannery  leadership@sdcouncilpta.org
2nd Vice President, Programs Linda Zintz  lzintz@sdcouncilpta.org 
3rd Vice President, Communications Holly Wright             communications@sdcouncilpta.org
4th Vice President, Legislation OPEN  
Secretary Betsy Mueller  muelbert@hotmail.com
Treasurer Rachel Wohnhaas treasurer@sdcouncilpta.org
Financial Secretary Laura Schumacher  lauras@san.rr.com
Auditor OPEN
Historian NiChelle Cannon     NiChelle@sdcouncilpta.org
Parliamentarian Brian Bonner  parliamentarian@sdcouncilpta.org


Climate Action Laura Schumacher lauras@san.rr.com 
Community Concerns  Mick Rabin
Parent Education OPEN
Health and Safety OPEN

Membership OPEN  
Hospitality Valencia Rodriguez  valencia.rodriguez82@gmail.com
Office Manager OPEN

Chair Barbara Flannery  leadership@sdcouncilpta.org
Member Bea Fernandez
Member Laura Schumacher  lauras@san.rr.com
Member NiChelle Cannon  NiChelle@sdcouncilpta.org

Member OPEN
Member OPEN

Awards  OPEN

Candidates Forum  OPEN
Conventions  OPEN
Founder’s Day  OPEN
Reflections  OPEN  
Webmaster  OPEN

San Diego Unified School District
San Diego Educators Association Lindsay Burningham  burningham_l@sdea.net
Administrators Association Marco Drapeau  mdrapeau@sandi.net


SDUSD Committee Representatives

 Calendar Committee  Mahogony Taylor   legislation@sdcouncilpta.org
 Calendar Committee  Rachel Wohnhaas   treasurer@sdcouncilpta.org
 ICOC - Independent Citizen's
Oversight Committee
 Mahogany Taylor   legislation@sdcouncilpta.org
 LCAP Planning Committee    
 LCAP Planning Committee  
 Reconnection Advisory  Committee  
 SanDERA - SD Education
 Research Alliance
 Linda Zintz lzintz@sdcouncilpta.org
 School Board Election Committee Brian Bonner parliamentarian@sdcouncilpta.org
  Sexual Health Education
  Advisory Committee
  Rachel Wohnhaas  treasurer@sdcouncilpta.org
 Student Equity Coalition  Barbara Flannery  leadership@sdcouncilpta.org
 Wellness Committee  Barbara Flannery  leadership@sdcouncilpta.org

 Past Presidents

  Celeste Bobryk-Ozaki  July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017
 Peter "Derby" Pattengill  July 1, 2013 - June, 30, 2015
 Barbara Flannery  July 1, 2011 - June, 30, 2013 
 Laura Schumacher  July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2011
 Cindy McIntyre  July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2009
 Dorothy Dupont  November 2005 - June 30, 2007
 Steve Bowles  July 1, 2005 - October 2005    
 Debbie Vincent  July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2005
 Brian Bonner  February 1, 2001 - June 30, 2003
 Joyce Mulligan  July 1, 1999 - January, 2001
 Debbie Rinehart  July 1, 1997 - June 30,1999
 Judy Williams  July 1, 1995 - June 30,1997
 Barbara Peluso  July 1, 1993 - June 30, 1995
 Patt Sloan  July 1, 1991 - June 30, 1993
 Jean Taylor  July 1, 1989 - June 30, 1991
 Robert Novak  July 1, 1988 - June 30, 1989
 Ann Armstrong-Ash  July 1, 1987 - June 30, 1988